DVD Review: Mother’s Day (2011)

by Aaron Williams

How do you approach a film that has the words ‘From the director of Saw II, III & IV’ proudly emblazoned across its poster? That’s a rhetorical question, obviously. I’m pleased to say this turned out to be one of the more surprisingly pleasing guilty horror pleasures I’ve encountered this year. I have yet to see director Darren Lynn Bousman’s Repo! The Genetic Opera for the simple reason that every genre fan I ask spits the same opinion at me every time I ask – it’s shit. I only have the other spectacularly dumb Saw films to compare this to and it seems that the intelligence has been brought up a notch. Only a notch.

Jaime King throws a party for her distinctly unlikable group of young professional friends, completely unaware that the house they are in was once the dwelling of dangerous criminal family the ‘Koffins’, who just botched a bank heist and are coming home to tend to their wounded.  Two of the Koffin Brothers storm the house, armed to the teeth with their little brother in tow, mortally wounded with a shotgun blast to the stomach. Taking the entire house hostage, they wait for their mother and boss,  Natalie Koffin. It soon comes to light that Natalie has been sending money to the house under the impression it was still owned by the family. One of the group has been keeping the money for themselves and the Koffins are not about to leave without it. So unfolds a night of torture and torment as the group of friends begin to unravel at the hands of the Koffins. Read the rest of this review here.